*From the people who brought you

created by Jill Bennett & Nancylee Myatt

Produced by Jill Bennett & Annie Price

Co-Produced by Rebecca Katz & Dara Nai

Written by Dara Nai, Nancylee Myatt & Claudia Cogan

Directed by Annie Price

comes a new comedy starring Jill Bennett as "Kat McDonald," a woman who left her small hometown to seek fame and fortune as a pro soccer player. Things didn't go as planned and now Kat's back where she started. Turns out, you can go home again. Crap.

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2013 Official Selection

“...a gem of a series that combines humor, likable characters, high-quality production values, and relatable LGBT narratives in a 30-minute comedic episode.” - Shewired.com

2013 Best Feature